Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Last Few Hours

Krystal and I returned from our 4 day adventure this afternoon, the trip taking a little longer than expected thanks to traffic. Needless to say we were exhausted.

Monday we missed the direct bus to Montezuma and took an alternate route where we had to pay for out buses each time we got on, which was a bit of a pain and we had to wait 2 hours in the heat for the ferry. It was som extensive traveling. We arrived in Mal Pais at around 3:3o and checked into our swanky hostel and hit the pool right away. We went to the beach to watch the sunset that wasn't amazing but was still pretty. There was also a restaurant at our hostel, which was where we decided to fill our bellies, just because well, it was convenient. The food was delicious. This hostel had everything we would need, beds, bathrooms, a pool, surfing videos played 24/7, amazing food and well pure relaxation. Tuesday we rented some boards and decided to hit the waves for my last chance at surfing. I managed to ride the board a few times, as well as been rocked a few times. It was still a good ride considering I learned a month ago and haven't had much practice. Good times. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping in the shade and relaxing.

Wednesday morning we awoke bright and early so we could catch the bus to Cobano and then on to Montezuma. Once we got on the bus we realized there were 3 other times we could have caught the bus but we were glad we were on it either way. Once we got to Cobano we met a girl who was traveling from Sweden and we split a cab to Montezuma. Johanna ended up sharing a room with us and hanging out with us, which was nice since she was traveling alone. After we found a hotel to check into (that had AC!) we decided to hike to the waterfalls that are around the town. The first waterfall was cool but we wanted a challenge so we agreed to take the super steep hike to the second waterfall. When I say steep I mean during most the hike we had to grab onto tree roots to help pull ourselves up. Once we got up though it was worth the hike. The second waterfall wasn't as crowded as the first one and has a nice pool to swim in. There was a waterfall with a 30 feet drop where I made a brave jump into the pool below. It was extreme and fabulous. After the waterfalls we went back onto the beach because we were sweaty and dirty from the hike back down. Glad I went up and probably won't again. We had dinner with some friends Johanna had made, including a couple from England who are basically travelng around the world for a year! Amazing trip!

Now I've been getting the last of things done and I just finished packing all but what I need to use to get ready tomorrow. My flight is at 6:30 a.m. which means I'll be getting up at 3:30 to take a shower and get eveyrthing rounded up. The cab is coming to the apartment at 4:15 and I'll be off to the airport. I'm anxious to go home but sad to leave for sure. This trip was the last trip of my Costa Rican adventure and hopefully there will be others to come. I should be going to bed but I'm surprsingly awake. Perhaps I'll be able to sleep past the anxiety. Maybe I'll veg out to some tv until I fall asleep. Below are links to the photos from this weekend. Next time you hear from me will be when I'm home! Hasta luego!!

Mal Pais