Saturday, March 14, 2009

70 Days and Still Going Strong

Wow, I've been in Costa Rica for 70 days!!! Who would have thought this would have been possible? Not me, that's for sure. 3 weeks from yesterday and I will be home. I'm not ready to leave, that's for sure. I already know I want to come back. When I come back I want to bring my friends with me and show them around. I think I will forever be looking up flights to Costa Rica so I can one day in the very near future come back. I've started to realize that I only have 2 weeks left with the people who have helped me call this place home. I've started to let it set in now so I'm not so much of an emotional wreck when I have to leave.

To start it off see below a photo of one of my favorite meals my host mom has cooked here. Everyday I'll try to post photos of my favorites here because it's the same thing as making a list that I need to say goodbye to. Now keep in mind this is not just ANY pasta, this is the pasta I crave at least every week or every two weeks. A simple tomato based sauce (fresh tomatoes that is) add in some fresh cilantro and some cheese and I tell you this is the pasta I make sure I fill up on because it's that good. This is also probably the pasta I will have a recipe to bring back, which might be tough since my host mom tends to just cook based on instinct and doesn't really measure stuff out. Sound familiar mom?

It was like my host mom read my mind today because I was craving it practically all week and for sure today! So excited to have it for dinner and now so full from it.

Tomorrow is a day trip to Jaco (only 2 hours from San Jose) to continue my nice Latin American tan. A nice relaxing day on the beach is what I need since Nebraska is conveniently land-locked. I just hope it's warm when I get back because I left during the winter for a reason. Hopefully there will also be plans for the beach next weekend and all other free time after that, gotta get in all the ocean I can. For now I'm slowly going to start saying my goodbyes. I can't deny that I have to leave and the longer I deny it the harder it will be when it comes time to leave. It'll be a bittersweet goodbye but it'll also be nice to see everyone I've been missing in the states. See you all in less than 3 weeks!!

Hasta luego!

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