Monday, March 2, 2009

Speed Kills

I'm not sure I've blogged about this before and if I have then I'm going to again. Let me mention now that the drivers in Costa Rica are terrible. See in the states we have this security called "pedestrians have the right of way" that rule must only exist in the states because pedestrians never have the right of way here, the drivers do. I think the drivers get extra points if they hit a pedestrian or scare them so badly that their life flashes before their eyes. My Costa Rican professor claims that since Costa Rica is so calm in general, the Costa Rican drivers release their anger when they drive, which I would believe in a heartbeat. We have to cross a highway everyday to get to and from school and although it may take awhile to get across I'm glad I make sure no cars are in sight before I cross because there are times when you think you have enough time to cross but before you know it you are hightailing your butt across the street to avoid being it, scary indeed. When I get back to the states I am going to be an expert street crosser from all this experience.

Today is day one of my 5-day attempt to work out. I figure now that I have my mornings free I might as well be productive and get to the gym more. I also think I'm going to try to volunteer at the school near my house or at an orphanage near the school. I have one month left and thus, I need to make every second count because before I know it I'll be home wishing I were here. Although if I went home tomorrow I would definitely leave satisfied. So I'm glad I have an month left. My goal is to master surfing, learn more Spanish, make some sort of an impact on the community, and to leave with no regrets. I hope I can accomplish those for sure.

Today has been a pretty lazy day, but I'm also ok with that. I went to the gym around 12 today and I've been helping my host mom with her computer since she just got internet access today. I think I'm gonna walk over to the grocery store near my house and get myself some crayons so I can do some long loved coloring. Nothing brings back your childhood memories like coloring a picture for someone. We'll see how that works out.

Hasta luego!

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  1. There's one really terrifying street to cross in Philadelphia-Roosevelt Boulevard. As you get further and further into the Northeast, you feel more and more like you're playing frogger. Be safe, VSkocz.