Friday, February 6, 2009

Mad Cravings

Alright, I have now gotten to the point in my stay here where I'm starting to crave various American products. Yes, there is a large influx of American goods here, but obviously the ones I'm craving aren't sold here, duh. So here's my recent list of cravings (in no order of importance):

1. Cheez-Its, you gotta love this cheddar snack cracker. I love me some cheez-its from time to time and not having them available to me here is KILLING ME!
2. Valentino's pizza. Granted I don't eat it much in the states and they do have decent pie here but you can't go wrong with Valentino's specialty pizza.
3. Spinach and artichoke chicken sandwich from The Watering Hole. Ok, make that a girl's night at The Watering Hole with a half price pitcher and the sandwich.
4. Dark Chocolate. I haven't attempted to venture out and find any but I doubt it'll feed my craving.
5. My mom's cooking. Granted my host mom makes some killer food, I miss my mom's meatballs with brown gravy and wild rice. Yum.
6. Blue Orchid Thai food. They do have some Thai food here, it's just a little different and not the same as the classic.
7. Ramen noodles. I dunno where this came from but Cyndi Tweeted about ramen noodles and they sounded soooo good. Although I'm liking the lack of massive amounts of salt and preservatives in the food here. I did see cup of noodles one day when I was at the super market. Hmmmm.
8. My family. I'm missing them the most. But it's ok because I'm still having a blast here.

Yeah I tried to come up with 10 but then I would be making stuff up. I can't believe I'm almost finished with my 1 week of my 2nd month here. Crazy. I'm loving my Spanish class this month. It's a little more fast paced and I'm learning a ton. Yay.

This weekend some friends and I, including Krystal from Omaha, are headed to Playa Hermosa. It's a black sand beach recommended by a couple friends of mine who backpacked through Central and South America. I'm infatuated with black sand beaches, really. I also here there's a surfing competition in Playa Hermosa this weekend so it should be awesome and filled with watching boys surf.

We are randomly picking up a wireless signal from our house so I'm posting from my bed in the host house. Feels nice to have internet at home because now I can leisurely browse online and post blogs instead of having to get it all done in a certain chunk of time. Sweet times indeed. I promise there will now be more consistent postings now that I have more consistent internet. Be on the lookout for photos from this weekend. Hasta luego!

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