Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally made it home

The usual 4 hour bus ride from Puerto Viejo to San Jose lasted 6 hours Monday on account of a couple flat tires. I didn't think I would eve get off that bus until finally I saw the bus station. The weekend at the beach was fabulous. I want to spend every weekend on the beach. So here's the run-down.

Friday we arrived in Puerto Viejo around 6 (about on time) and then took a taxi to our hostel, Rocking J's, known for it's cheap hammock rental and overall rasta feel. Once we all got settled into our lockers some of us headed to dinner. I found my dream restaurant, a Thai Fusion place with amazing guacamole. I ate this amazing peanut chicken salad and one of the girls with us shared some of her guacamole. With the happy hour, it was heaven. Once we got back to the hostel it was hangout central. The owner had lit a bon fire, where a few people were hanging out with. I met some Brasilian boys and a few other people staying at the hostel. Once this crazy Caribbean lady came by wanting to tell me about her sexual experiences, I knew that was my cue to exit. The first night in the $5/night hammock took a little getting used to. I woke up a few times from drunkers stumbling back to their hammocks and just overall uncomfortableness. Woke up with a krinked neck and bounced back soon there after.

Saturday was spent walking through town and trying to find our host parent's hotel because they came down for the weekend as well. Unsuccessful, we went back to the hostel because rain looked like it was approaching. We decided to wait on renting bikes for the day to see if it did rain, and it did, all day. Fine with us because we didn't have plans so swaying in my hammock, listening to the rain was alright with me. Once it finally stopped raining we walked into town to visit our host parents, who had also traveled to Puerto Viejo for the weekend. We hung out with them for awhile and then stopped for some pizza on the way home. We managed to make it into the hostel just before it started raining again. Ugh.

Sunday came around and looked promising because there was not a cloud in sight. We ate breakfast and headed to the beach. We weren't there for long before it got cloudy and windy again. We then headed back to the hostel for another lazy day in our hammocks. We had to take our bikes we rented back into town and Ashlee and I walked around a bit before heading back to the hostel to watch the Super Bowl. Rocking J's had set up a projector for us to watch the Super Bowl and they had food specials all night, which was pretty sweet. The only downside was the channel was ESPN Vivo, the Latin American channel so we missed out on all the commericals. So I hope there weren't any we should have seen. Too bad the Cardinals lost, but it was a good game.

Monday was dedicated to traveling, which now brings me to today. I started my second month of Spanish today: Basic II. I think I'll like the professor I have, although I have a feeling she's going to give us a lot of homework just by looking at what I have to do for tomorrow. Darn, but at the same time I'll be able to practice my espanol more, which is the main point to me coming to Costa Rica. Should be a good time.

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