Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to the Beach

I haven't been to the beach since the first excursion with ISA to Manuel Antonio and I've been itching to go back these last couple weeks. I'm pumped. This weekend a bunch of us are taking the bus to Puerto Viejo, a rastafarian-esque beach on the Caribbean side of the country. This will also be my first time to the Caribbean side, so I'm more than stoked. I need some more color on my skin, my previous tan is starting to fade. Also, don't fear mother, I have stronger SPF sunscreen with me courtesy of my host mom, so I plan to not come back burnt to a crisp because I have plans to attend another beach next weekend. In Puerto Viejo we are going to be staying in a hostel that has hammock for beds. The hostel is also literally right on the beach, so I'm pumped. It'll be nice to get out of San Jose again and to soak up some rays and swim in the ocean, sometimes my life is really rough.

The plan is to get back Monday since we don't have Spanish on Monday because it's the start of a new month. So 3-day weekend at the beach= me so excited you don't even know. But right now I'm hanging out in the ISA office until we leave to head to the bus station. I took my Spanish final already so I can not think about school for the weekend and just relax, perfect weekend to spend at the beach. My host parents will also be at Puerto Viejo so Ashlee and I will stop and visit them at some point.

Anyways, I'll be back with updates on Monday. I heard it's gonna get a bit warm this weekend back home. Hasta Luego!

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