Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Classes: Day Two

Classes today went better. I finally had my original Spanish teacher. She wasn't as exciting and awesome as the one I had yesterday but she'll do. We went over the same things we did yesterday. I guess it was a good review. I'm picking up more Spanish but by no means to the point where I can speak in any sort of conversation. I'm still at the basic level. It's fine though, I'm not complaining.

Last night after class Ashlee and I headed home wondering what our wonderful mother was going to cook for dinner. We were glad to be hungry when we found out our mom prepared some amazing bean and cheese epanadas. They were very, very, good and I think we ended up eating past our full point because we were both still full this morning. I'm really happy about my situation here, I have an awesome host mom, an amazing roommate and I'm living in an awesome area. I'm still getting used to getting around but it's only the first week.

Last night Ashlee and I decided we wanted to do our own traveling if we decide to go to Panama or Nicuragua because the prices ISA gives us to travel "through them" is so expensive. Since Ashlee and I are on a budget we're not looking to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy the many things you can do in Costa Rica. Some of the students here are so quick to buy into some of the things offered by ISA not even thinking there are probably cheaper options available. I may see if there are other students that want to travel independently with us but some of them are a bit aprehensive because of the safety issue. I think either way you can still be safe. We're ready to start planning.

I have decided to take ecological photography. We'll be learning basic stuff in the beginning but I guess we'll be doing editing as well. There's a total of 9 projects and I think I'll like that class better than tropical marine biology. There are still field trips with ecological photography so I still get to explore other places, plus I may end up with some portfolio worthy photos. That's my goal anyways. Hopefully I'll be able to get into it. I have to go switch later this afternoon. I also think Ashlee and I are going to explore some of the other places by our house. I heard there is a shopping center near where we live so we might check that out later today.

Last night we were going to go to dance lessons the school offers twice a week but we got caught up in catching up and playing Brain Age and Ashlee teaching me how to solve a rubik's cube. I'm addicted now. It'll be a good thing to bring along on our 5 hour ride to Manuel Antonio, a gorgeous beach area. We'll be spending all weekend there. Hello to me working on my tan. I need to get going on some photos so if I don't take any this week there will for sure be some after this weekend.

Not much else. Hasta luego!

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