Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yo soy un nueva estudiante de espanol

Today was the first day of classes. My Spanish class is 4 hours of intensive Spanish taught in Spanish. If there's ever a way for someone to pick up Spanish fast, this is for sure it. I'm going to like my Spanish class, I think. I don't really know who my real professor is because they didn't show up today, so we were placed in another class. Tomorrow we're supposed to be back in our assigned class, which disappoints me because I liked the professor that taught today. Oh well.

My other class I had today was Intercultural Communication. Originally I wasn't interested in this class but we had orientation yesterday with Veritas University and the professor was one of the speakers. He seemed like he would be an awesome professor to take a class from and I was proven right today. His class is more laid back because it's discussion based but he was also flexible on the curriculum of the class and let us change some stuff around about it. I've never had a professor do that, it was kind of cool. I think this class will be very interesting and I think I'll enjoy it a lot.

Tomorrow will be another day of classes including a tropical marine biology class I'm debating taking. I'm also thinking about taking an ecological photography class because it would be nice to take a photography class but I'm afraid the beginning will be remedial and that it'll be too easy. I want to take marine biology because they take two field trips to the ocean, and so does ecological biology. I'm not sure right now but I have until Friday to decide I guess. Any thoughts would be awesome!!

Live in Costa Rica couldn't be better. Last night our host mom made us pasta for dinner, and it was delicious. Today we had pancakes and fruit for breakfast. My roommate, Ashlee and I felt bad because she made us a lot of food and we didn't eat all of it. So she suggested we take some with us to eat later. If she allows that more often I might do that more often and just eat the extra food for lunch. That way I can save money on expenses for food for lunch. Hopefully she'll agree because a few slices of watermelon and some fresh papaya was enough to last me until dinner today.

I'm hoping to get some photos going but first I need to get my bearings and be able to feel more comfortable about taking out expensive camera gear. They'll be soon I promise.

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