Friday, January 23, 2009

Going on a roadtrip

Sorry for the lack of updates, not much to write about this week I guess. This weekend we're taking a trip to Monteverde, in the mountains. I have plans to go ziplining tomorrow, which is the best place to zipline in Costa Rica. Ziplining was the only thing I for sure wanted to do when I was here, so it should be a blast tomorrow.

We head out today at 1 and should be at the hotel by 6 tonight. Should be a blast. There will probably be ample opportunities for fantastic photos as well. Next weekend some girls and I have plans to go to Puerto Viejo, right on the beach on the Caribbean side. We're staying at a hostel where we will sleep in hammocks both nights, for $5 a night. Amazing. Everything here is so cheap. Don't be jealous aunt Julie but I can get a pedicure here for 4000 colones, which is um $8. Getting a manicure and pedicure is about $10. So I'm pretty sure I'm going to frequent the place by my host house.

This week I had a freak out moment about what I'm going to do after I graduate. I haven't heard from any internships and I fear I won't get one and with this stupid recession I fear I won't get a job period. Stupid economy. Then I had a relapse and decided I needed to just enjoy Costa Rica and deal with the whole job situation when I return, since I will have a month and a half to job hunt.

It's crazy to think I've been here for 3 weeks already. I don't know if I'm going to want to leave when my time is up. It's gorgeous here and I can't get enough of it!! I'm ready to explore the rest of Costa Rica and soak up as much culture as possible.

Today in Spanish class we went to the market to buy some fruit. I was able to practice my Spanish skills and was very successful. I'm picking up this language rather fast. I'm amazed at how much I know even after 3 weeks. Go me!

Well I'm off for the weekend. Updates on the weekend to come Monday!

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  1. VSkocz, sounds like you're having an amazing time. Get a manicure sometime for me, I haven't had one in years.