Friday, February 20, 2009

Wood Time

So today I visited a wood factory with my Spanish class. It was pretty sweet, actually. This factory cuts down trees from various parts of Costa Rica and uses the wood to make various objects. They also use every last scrap of wood from the tree, which I think is the best part. I learned a lot about wood and trees today and I'm ok to admit it. I took a few photos so I'll be sure to post the link when I have a chance to upload them to facebook.

This weekend I have a fieldtrip for my ecological photography class. We're supposed to be taking photos in the cloud forest here in Costa Rica. We leave bright and early tomorrow at 8 a.m. and return on Sunday after 5. It should be a fun trip considering we are also doing a Canopy Tour on Sunday. I'm excited for this fieldtrip because everything is paid for by the University because it's a class fieldtrip which means another weekend that I can save my money so I don't run out, I just need the rest that I'm waiting for to come in, otherwise I might be royally screwed come the middle of March. That's the sucky part, budgeting money that you assume will be coming and it taking longer to come and leaving you scrimping every way possible. Also why I really hate money and dealing with it. So hopefully after the numerous e-mails I have sent that the check I am owed from shooting a football game in October will come in before I leave here. I've been counting on that money since January and low and behold I have not seen a dime of it. Argh, it's just so frustrating. So I'm crossing my fingers that things end up how they should and that I make it through this trip while still being able to enjoy it. I'm just trying not to think of the lack of money I have at the moment, I stay more sane that way.

In other news, our internet is randomly back. I hope it stays longer this time because lack of internet and needing to use it for research is a little frustrating. But since technically it's someone else's internet somewhere in the neighborhood I guess I can't complain too much.

Crazy to think I have 6 weeks left here. Boy has the time flown by. I'm already a mixture of emotions now. There's a part of me that is ready to come home and another part of me that knows I will want to be here when I'm home and wants to stay. It's just hard to convince yourself to stay when you are running out of money. Back to that dang money thing. Oh well, here's to budgeting a little more and spending more time at home in order to get through this trip. Here's also to getting the rest of the money owed to me (hopefully sooner than later).

Hasta luego!

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