Friday, February 13, 2009

Scratch That

Ok, well the plans for the beach went through. We tried to make our reservation today but failed because they were booked. Then the thought of us not being able to just wing it and find an open room on account of Valentine's Day weekend leaves me hanging out in San Jose this weekend. I'm ok with that too because I need to budget the rest of my money a little more because I'm still expecting a little more influx of dinero and I'm afraid I'll go through my stash before the other money comes through. I nice relaxing weekend will be nice after the last few weeks of constantly traveling. A nice balance indeed.

So as of now I don't have any plans except relaxing and possibly going to the farmer's market with the host family. It just depends on if I can get up early enough, my hope is to be able to so I can check out what it's like and such. But I'm pretty sure there are a good amount of others that are staying in town so I'll still be able to keep myself occupied to have fun. I have a fieldtrip for my photography class next weekend and possibly beach time again the following weekend. So here's to a relaxing weekend at home.

Hasta luego.

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